The first Track Your Life Retreat of the season was one of our best to date.  Beautiful winter conditions made for great tracking of both rhino and lion.  We also had the rare chance to follow the drag mark of a female leopard that pulled a duiker she had killed into a Tamboti grove. The leopard had stashed her prey high in a tree and we were able to view her and move out without any disturbance.

During the sleep out three species of owl called all around us in the moonlight and a lion roared about 200 yards from our camp for the night.

The mastery of Alex and Renias was on display everyday as they taught and coached participants in the subtleties of tracking. The retreat was full of stories, adventures and daily deep immersions into nature.

This year also saw a revised inner tracking curriculum which took participants into deep inner work.  Londolozi was as always a profound teacher to all.

Track your life is the best time that I know how to have in the bush while doing deep and important inner work. I believe the restoration of the wilderness and and our relationship nature must begin inside each one of us as we awaken our own wildness and remember our connection to the impulse of life towards harmony and wholeness.  This is what we serve on Track Your Life.


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