• 1:00pm | Lunch on arrival at Londolozi. Taste the world-class cuisine on the deck at Pioneer Camp and get to know your fellow participants and facilitators.
  • 2:00pm | Tracking presentation: an introduction to tracking.
  • 3:30pm | Orientation and afternoon game drive.  Get into the Land Rover and out into the wilderness to search for a variety of animal species such as Leopard, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino and Zebra.
  • 7:00pm | Dinner and briefing for Day 2.

Working with some of the best trackers and naturalists in the world, tracking and following big game is the core focus of the retreat.

  • 6:00am | Dawn departure for tracking demonstration. You will be introduced to the art of trailing a rhino or lion. As trackers you will begin to sense the connection between tracking and a way of living.
  • 10:00am | Breakfast, group coaching and debrief from the morning drive.
  • 12:00 – 3:00pm | Lunch, rest and private coaching sessions.
  • 3:00pm | Afternoon tracking session and evening game drive.
  • 6:00pm | Dinner, campfire storytelling.

Day three is all about tracking one of the many prides of lions at Londolozi. Participants will begin to lead the trailing, supported at all times by Boyd and his tracking team.

  • 6:00am | Dawn departure for lion tracking.
  • 11:30am | Debrief in the wilderness. After debriefing we will drive home to camp for brunch and private coaching sessions.
  • 3:30pm | Track and sign lesson. We will return to the bushveld for a lesson in learning to notice and all that this practice means for our lives.
  • 6:00pm | Dinner around the campfire.

The retreat is a pure wilderness experience. Sitting around a campfire under starlit skies, you will be offered a new perspective on how to live your life.

  • 6:00am | Dawn departure for big game trailing session.
  • 10:00am | Breakfast and leopard tracking demonstration. A lesson in reading the signs. Coming to an awareness of the energy state you are generating: reading animal body language and learning to read energy.
  • 12:00 – 3:00pm | Lunch, rest and private coaching sessions.
  • 3:00pm | Rhino tracking.
  • 6:00pm | Dinner under the stars.

The Track Your Life Retreat seeks to provide you with the ability to create what you want in the world.

  • 6:00am | Morning game drive
  • 10:00am | Breakfast, closing discussion and departure.

Listen to Patrick O’Shaugnessy’s Podcast with Boyd Varty about his experience on the Track your Life Retreat and to gain a fuller understanding about some of the metaphors and experiences learnt along the way.