Why this retreat is for you

Somewhere in the African bushveld, just before dawn, a small group of people sit in silence as the last stars fade. They carry no cellphones and wear no watches. They are still, listening for the clues that will tell them where to begin the day’s animal tracking. When the signal comes – the roar of a lion, the alarm call of a nyala – they stir, and as a group they move forward to cut the track. They are on the trail, where the challenge and the adventure begins. They rely on each other absolutely and their shared endeavour gives rise to that rarest thing in the modern world: a true sense of fellowship. This is your call to adventure: join them.


  • Access to world-class trackers and coaching in one of the best safari destinations on the planet.

  • An intimate group of people.

  • Personalized support coaching.

  • Daily safari excursions.

  • World-class accommodation and gourmet meals at Londolozi Private Game Reserve, bordering the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

  • Game drives with sightings of exceptional wildlife, including lions, elephants, hippos, leopards, zebra, giraffe and rhino.

  • A unique adventure among a select group of people, that will be transformative and fun.

You Will Gain

  • A new perspective on how to live your life.

  • Effective strategies for your life and livelihood.

  • A new model of power through presence.

  • The ability to create your own narrative, which allows you to shape and create new experiences in your life.

  • A pinnacle life experience.

  • A community of like-minded people to support you on that journey.

Your Tracker Tools

  • Use your body’s signals as a compass to navigate the uncertain terrain of your life.

  • Establish your unique trail and boldly follow it.

  • Decipher increasingly subtle signals from yourself and from the environment, allowing you to make faster and finer course corrections along the way.

  • Move fluidly between between extreme detail and a broad vision for yourself.

  • Generate an energy state that is playful, focused, resilient and committed.

  • The ability to create what you want in the world.

A Message from Boyd

For a long time I have been passionate about creating an African retreat that combines wilderness adventure and personal development.  Every year, I invite groups of six or twelve people to join me at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa to use the natural world as a powerful place to discover the wild self.

This retreat is unlike anything else in the world.

Working with some of the world’s best trackers and coaches, we will co-create a powerful transformational space to tune into the wisdom of the natural world.

As you learn and apply my inner tracking model for purpose development, you’ll notice that something starts to shift as you discover Attunement, Presence, & Awareness.

You will start to discover you are part of this wild story.

We will do deep personal work on this retreat, whilst having an adventure together, a shared endeavour in the wild that will prompt the beginnings of your transformation as you begin to feel a new aliveness.

I believe that reconnection with the wilderness is one of the best ways for people to create profound personal transformation and access a new vision for their lives. This retreat is designed to meet needs that are going unmet in the modern world: the need for visioning, charting a course, and immersion in wild places.

You will discover that tracking your life’s purpose is very much like tracking a big game.

By bringing together some of the best trackers in the world and blending purposeful coaching and intentional resting, the Track Your Life Retreat offers an utterly unique experience that will show you how to follow the tracks to your wildest self.

The Track Your Life Team

Boyd Varty

Retreat Host, Tracker, Life Coach

Boyd has a psychology degree from the University of South Africa. He is a certified Master Life Coach, the author of two books and a TED speaker.  Boyd has spent the last ten years refining the art of using wilderness as a place for deep introspection and personal transformation.  Having taught his philosophy of “Tracking your Life” to companies and individuals all over the world he now runs retreats that merge tracking, coaching and storytelling into an experiential learning environment.

Bronwyn Varty-Laburn

Retreat Coach

Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother and master life coach. She holds a Bachelors of Marketing and Organizational Behavior from Bond University in Australia. Having grown up in the modern day African village of Londolozi, her childhood was unconventional. She is a passionate business consultant, specialising in family business facilitation and personal visioning. Having travelled extensively, she has a deep love of understanding ancient cultures. Bronwyn is a philanthropist and a change agent towards more sustainable business models based on a new kind of sustainable economics.

Richard Laburn

Richard Laburn

Retreat Director

Richard’s rare combination of detailed analytical business logic together with radically creative execution allows for him to create a bridge between the worlds of artistry and commerce. Richard’s vision is to use technology as a way to connect people to nature through travel.

Alex Van Den Heever

Alex Van Den Heever

Tracking Team

Alex’s greatest fascination is traditional skills of wildlife tracking. He has dedicated much of his life to learning the ancient art, eventually qualifying as one of a handful of tracker assessors in 2004 – the youngest ever to achieve this feat. Over the last two decades Alex has tracked jaguars in the Amazon jungle, bears in California, grizzlies and wolves in Montana, kangaroos with Aboriginal trackers in the Australian outback and the famous black-mane lions of the Kalahari. Alex is also the general manager of the Tracker Academy; a NGO which trains unemployed people in traditional skills of tracking.

Retreat Schedule & Cost


Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer

Conscious Leadership

Our time at Londolozi was a master class in presence. For years I have cultivated practices that help me to be here now. But, quite frankly, most of them pale when compared to being on the land, with the animals and in the community that is Londolozi. Words literally cannot describe what is a whole body experience of wonder and awe. I’m sure for many safari is a vacation, an adventure, something on a bucket list but what happens at Londolozi is exponentially more. It is an invitation to be with yourself in profound and yet gentle ways, to ask questions and to be asked questions that open you to aspects of yourself and of life you have not explored. It’s also an opportunity to enfolded in a family of profoundly loving people whose deepest joy is to share their sacred experience, their hearts and their gifts with each and every guest.
And, by the way, the accommodations, food and wine rival anything in the world and the service is beyond the best.

Martha Beck

Dr. Martha Beck

Life Coach

"I couldn’t be happier that my dear friend Boyd Varty – you may have read about him in Finding Your Way in a Wild New World — has created this tracking retreat just for the men of The Team. From where I stand this is the most hopeful time in history for men (as well as women). It is a time when David can beat Goliath. It’s a time when the true nature of each man can be realized rather than crushed. Boyd has designed this tracking retreat to help you realign with your true nature. I’ll let him tell you what he has in store."


Patrick O'Shaugnessy

Portfolio Manager

“There is nothing in the world like tracking wild animals on foot with great people. Boyd’s 'Track Your Life' experience is thrilling, peaceful, and formative. I learned so much from sitting in the wilderness, tracking the animals, and watching the relationship between our four outstanding guides. If you want to experience nature and learn more about yourself, this is for you. I doubt there is any journey of this calibre available in the world. Thank you Boyd and everyone at Londolozi.”

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Business Owner

"The experience was everything I hoped for…and more. The facilities and staff are second to none, the campfire stories were incredibly special, pre-dawn in the bush was simply magical, the on-foot tracking of big animals was awe inspiring, the group of men you invited brought humor and honesty to our shared journey…all of it was outstanding. But most important to me was the environment you created that allowed exploration of my personal path forward. The tracking metaphor and the tools you offered are truly changing my life.hours! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson

Leadership Consultant

Only rarely does one get the opportunity to spend real quality time over almost a week of days and nights with a group of people like this. Individually they are recognised globally as masters (professors, really) of their craft and collectively they worked seamlessly together to provide a living learning experience in so many aspects of the wilderness, leadership and self-discovery, with a solid underpin of art, science, and good humour. The result was a surprising and special experience that I can freely recommend to anybody who is perhaps ready to journey further into their own leadership odyssey.


Dr. Perry Nickelston

Author & Physician

I wanted to send a deep and heartfelt thank you for this transformational retreat. It was more than I could have ever imagined. Definitely made a shift in my energy and my life. Everyone at Londolozi was superb and I miss everyone already.

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